Isle of Wight Fossil Hunting

Penned on the 7th March 2014

Isle of Wight Fossil Hunting

The recent extreme weather that’s hit the Islands coastline hasn’t all been bad news, particularly for Dinosaur Fossil hunters on the Isle of Wight, The ‘official Dinosaur capital of the UK’

Many previously hidden areas known to be rich in fossils have recently been exposed due to shifting sand and shingle along the ‘Jurassic’ south coast of the Island.

‘Fossil Man’ Martin Simpson, runs the fossil and gem shop. Martin runs guided fossil hunting trips for school groups, families and tourists throughout the year. Guided fossil hunting trips last two hours

He is also an established expert on Cretaceous fossil crustaceans. He has produced a popular book on fossil hunting, titled Fossil Hunting on Dinosaur Island, and was heavily involved in the excavation of a significant specimen of the ankylosaur Polacanthus.

Martin isn’t the only expert offering guides and advice on the island, there are a variety of expeditions and attractions to choose from

If you’re visiting the Island and unsure of where to start looking, the best spots are detailed here

However if digging through sand and dirt isn’t your thing and you’d prefer a more digital interaction with some extinct beasties, then try the new Walking with Dinosaurs augmented reality hotspots which are dotted along the south coast of the Island.

With many of our properties located near the coast of the Island we are perfectly placed to provide you with a base for your fossil hunting trip. Click here to search our properties for a cottage which best suits your fossil hunting locations.


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