Cantina, Ventnor

Part of the table decor at Cantina, Ventnor
Fritz Kola at Cantina, Ventnor
Goats cheese creme brulee, Cantina, Ventnor
Milkshake in a jam-jar glass at Cantina, Ventnor

If you like a dash of character and a sprinkle of style with your brunch, then Cantina fits the bill. Located on the high street in Ventnor this is a great little place to head for breakfast with friends or for a light family meal. With a relaxed rustic style, an array of artisan breads and an interesting choice of drinks (sugar free Fritz Kola anyone?) Cantina is an exciting departure from more conservative lunchtime eateries.

Squeezing us into a lunchtime cancellation (Cantina has only 22 seats), we were welcomed warmly and placed at a window table. The menu had a good range of choices from soups and sandwiches, to more substantial choices of beef ragu, mussels, and chicken and ham pie. We ordered the chilli honey garlic bread and snacked whilst waiting for our order. Finding a large tin of love heart sweets on the table this too played its part in the snacking and had to be swiftly confiscated lest the sugar high spoil the meal.

I ordered the goats cheese crème brulee with home-made digestives and tomato jam which was delicious and came with the sort of perfect presentation just begging to be #instagrammed. We also ordered the Tuscan bean soup, a selection of toasted cheese sandwiches and a tomato and mozzarella pizza.The food was all freshly made, you can see the chef busily tossing pizza ingredients and slow-rising sour dough around at the back of the café. The pizzas are purported to be amongst the best on the Island and we can certainly recommend them.

I must make quick mention of the kid’s milkshakes – served in a jam-jar glass with a slice of dried pineapple on top they were an instant hit. And also in danger of being slurped by the adults in the party.

Cantina is on my list of places to revisit on a summer’s evening – it’s going to be difficult to choose between The Bittenbender and The Earl Grey Marteani but I’m sure I’ll manage!

Posted by Donna Duggan 30th March 2016