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Around the beginning of August each year we start to hear the same words spoken every year at this time when it starts to rain “apparently, we’re going to get an Indian Summer…”, and invariably we usually do get a ‘late summer’ here on the Isle of Wight.
The warmer days and nights often stretch right through September and into October, and we always make the most of our enviable micro-climate on our little Isle.

The popular ‘Electric Lights’ event is returning to Robin Hill Country Park again this Autumn. This year’s Festival of Light is inspired by the Diwali festival and is celebrating 70 years of India’s independence.

The Dinosaurs are alive and kicking at Blackgang Chine this September. The park will be hosting an ‘Extinction’ event, where you’ll be able to meet the parks resident baby T-Rex, a flock of Dodo’s and various other previously extinct creatures.

It’s not just Dinosaurs, there’s even the odd mythical creature, such as Cedric the Dragon.

Who doesn’t love a bit of Antiques Road Show!!!?

Well if you’re one of the millions that do, and have ever wanted to pop along to see a show being filmed, there will be a great opportunity to do so in mid-September, here on the Isle of Wight.

Of the many festivals that occur across the Island throughout the year, Eklectica is the newest music festival and the inaugural event will be taking place in early September at Robin Hill Country Park.