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Isle Walk, Wight Locations

The popular Isle of Wight Walking Festival returns from April 29 to May 14 as IsleWalk17, with local and visiting walkers of all ages and abilities invited to set-off across the Island on a wide choice of themed walks.

Running Festival, Wight Locations

Another major event along the theme of Wellness for the Island is the Festival of Running, which is scheduled to take place from 2nd to 4th June.

This new outdoor event is aimed at giving fitness fanatics and first time runners the chance to see the best of the Isle of Wight’s beautiful scenery and to get fit at the same time.

Cowboy town, Wight Locations

Using nothing but an old bit of wood and maybe a homemade bow and arrow out of some bamboo from the garden and bit of string, I'm sure many people have fond memories of playing Cowboys and Indians (native Americans) as a child, I know I do.

So if like me the idea of being able to do this for real (sort of) in a replica western town fills you with feeling of nostalgia and childhood glee, you'll need to mosey on down to cowboy land at Blackgang chine during the May half term.

Festival, Wight Locations

In recent years, the Isle of Wight has become synonymous with the word ‘Festival’, and this is usually in relation to the Famous music festival, held once a year in the centre of the Island. However, we’re not just about Music and Wellies!
In addition to the plethora of Music Festivals, we also have some amazing activity and food based festivals taking place throughout the year and we’ve listed some of the main ones below:

Walk the Wight, Wight Locations

As we move ever closer to the Summer months, the signs of longer days and warmer weather are everywhere on the island. From people on the beaches to a coastline filled with White sails and swimmers in the sea, in May the island really comes alive.

There are a number of events taking place on the island in May which embrace our passion for outdoor activities and make full use of our beautiful island: