Walking with Dinosaurs...

Wight Locations, Walking with Dinosaurs

Ever wanted to...

  • Walk with a Polacanthus
  • Run with a Valdosaurus or
  • Fly with a Caulkicephalus?

When you visit the island on holiday, you can tread in the footsteps of these prehistoric creatures in the very place they were discovered 130 million years ago.  And, at the same time, you can find out more about their relatives, the dinosaur characters from the movie…Parksosaurus (the star!), Ankylosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Troodon…

The dinosaur hotspots!

Extinction event at Blackgang Chine

The Dinosaurs are alive and kicking at Blackgang Chine this September. The park will be hosting an ‘Extinction’ event, where you’ll be able to meet the parks resident baby T-Rex, a flock of Dodo’s and various other previously extinct creatures.

It’s not just Dinosaurs, there’s even the odd mythical creature, such as Cedric the Dragon.

Isle of Wight Fossil Hunting

The recent extreme weather that’s hit the Islands coastline hasn’t all been bad news, particularly for Dinosaur Fossil hunters on the Isle of Wight, The ‘official Dinosaur capital of the UK’

Many previously hidden areas known to be rich in fossils have recently been exposed due to shifting sand and shingle along the ‘Jurassic’ south coast of the Island.

The Island is the Dinosaur Capital of the UK!

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Yes it’s true… according to a new Dinosaur Map of Britain compiled by Dr Paul Barrett, Merit Researcher from The Natural History Museum, the Isle of Wight has just been declared the UK’s Jurassic Capital, even beating the famous Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

Obviously, as Islanders, we already knew this, as can be seen by some of the great Dinosaur attractions we already have on the island.