Things to do in Seaview

The Village of Seaview on the North Eastern coast of the Island is not only where our office is based, but also where we have the highest concentration of holiday properties, just shy of 100 cottages. So why all the fuss over a tiny Seafront sailing village that time forgot? Here’s some reasons why:


The Seaview Bistro & Bar

Seaview Bistro, Wight Locations

Regular visitors to Seaview will have no doubt have already noticed that the new / old restaurant next to our office, formally known as Ruby’s has now become the Seaview Bistro & Bar and is under new management

The Bistro and Bar will continue to offer a range of live music with an atmospheric dining experience.

The new menu consists of a mixture of French and English cuisine mixed with some innovative dishes from around the world.

Seaview Beauty Clinic


The Seaview Beauty Clinic offers our guests a unique blend of beauty, holistic and revolutionary advanced skin care treatments. Combining skilled and healing hands for ultimate results our local beauty clinic can offer an escape from the every day, if only for a while!

Some of the treatments on offer are:

Luxury, restoring hand and foot treatments

Nail treatments with Shellac and OPI

Swedish body Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Indian Head Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Neck and Shoulder Massage (available seated)

Thai Foot Massage

Lily's Cafe, Seaview

Wight ocations, Lilys Cafe, Seaview

The High street in Seaview has just been brightened with the opening of a brand new Coffee shop café right next door to our offices (very handy). The Coffee served is locally produced ‘Island Roasted’ artisan coffee.

The owners have created a wonderful ‘home from home’ space for dining, grabbing a snack or just enjoying a coffee and watching the world go by whilst taking advantage of the free Wifi.

Seaview, a traditional sailing village

Wight Locations, Seaview

What's all the fuss about? Why do thousands of holiday makers return to a tiny little sailing village on the north east shore of our little Island generation after generation? Because really, nothing has changed. It's a traditional sailing village that time forgot...

Seaview originally was just a few fishermen’s huts and the Salterns buildings used to house salt pan workers. (A shallow depression in which water accumulates, evaporates and deposits salt). Rope Walk is so called because long sections of rope for sailors rigging were laid out there.