Extinction event at Blackgang Chine

The Dinosaurs are alive and kicking at Blackgang Chine this September. The park will be hosting an ‘Extinction’ event, where you’ll be able to meet the parks resident baby T-Rex, a flock of Dodo’s and various other previously extinct creatures.

It’s not just Dinosaurs, there’s even the odd mythical creature, such as Cedric the Dragon.

Blackgang Chine, on the southern tip of the Island is the world’s oldest theme park, and one of its newest attractions is the large animatronic Dinosaur attraction ‘Area 5 ’, which features full size moving and roaring dinosaurs to terrify and delight the little ones.

The Isle of Wight is famous for fossil hunting and is often referred to as the Dinosaur capital of the UK, and many new discoveries are made each year along the Islands South west Coast, from Blackgang chine all the way to Compton Bay.

If you’re on the Island on Saturday 23rd September, pop along and meet some of the prehistoric creatures that used to roam the Island, many millions of years ago.

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