Monsoon - Matt and Cat's Foodie Feature

Penned on the 4th March 2013

Monsoon - Matt and Cat's Foodie Feature

Ryde's bustling Union Street is without a doubt the eating-out mecca of the Isle of Wight - with restaurants and takeaways all along its length, it is busy every night of the year with visitors and locals alike enjoying a night out.

But if you take the trouble to venture a little further into the town there are some places worth visiting a little way off the beaten track.

The Missy J Cafe, for example, or Chipmunks fish and chip shop. One of the most notable is Monsoon - a large and modern Indian restaurant which is up in the heart of Ryde Old Town, at the southern end of the High Street.

Monsoon has become Matt and Cat's favourite sit-down Indian meal on the entire Island. With consistently good food, a great atmosphere and service, Monsoon has overcome its out-of-the-way location with style. M & C are not alone in this view either - you'd be advised to book if you too want to enjoy it.

The food tastes and looks great - and it's consistent. Service is enthusiastic but nonetheless it manages to offer food at good prices.

Matt and Cat recently visited to celebrate Monsoon's fifth birthday - and it was a very cheerful evening, with live music, champagne, and a packed house.

All too often Indian restaurants adhere to a formula which makes them blandly predictable. Monsoon is a traditional restaurant in many ways, but the food and service makes it stand out - it's worth the journey into uncharted territory.

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