Terms and Conditions

Please note that bookings are now managed by our friends at Classic Cottages. Booking made in 2017 are subject to Classic Cottages Booking Conditions 2017.

Bookings made before 2017 are subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Application of Terms
1.1 The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) together with the Booking Correspondence contain the entire terms and conditions applicable to the Letting of the Property by the Guest (all terms defined below).

2. Definitions and Interpretation
2.1 In these Terms the following terms shall have the following meanings:
Agreement means these Terms and the terms and particulars contained in the Booking Correspondence together with any additional term expressly agreed to in writing by Wight Locations.
Booking: means the booking for the Letting.
Booking Correspondence: means the Booking correspondence issued to the Guest setting out details of the Letting.
Check-In Time: 15:30 on the date that the Letting is to begin, as specified in the Booking Correspondence.
Check-Out Time: 10:00 on the date that the Letting is to finish, as specified in the Booking Correspondence.
Cancellation Protection: means the protection which covers certain cancellations of a Letting (see Cancellations for full details & charges)
Deposit: means the non-refundable amount payable to secure the Booking, and shall be equal to 30% of the Rental Cost. The Deposit is separate from the security deposit which may also be payable by the Guest if required by Wight Locations or the Owner.
Guest: means the person(s) named in the Booking Correspondence as the occupier(s) of the Property during the Letting, together with their visitors and invitees.
Letting: means the holiday let of the Property by the Guest as described in the Booking Correspondence.
Owner: means the owner of the Property, named in the booking correspondence.
Property: means the property for Letting as described in the Booking Correspondence or such replacement Property as may be agreed in writing between Wight Locations and the Guest.
Property Description: means the details of the property as set out on the website, in the printed brochure or other marketing channels used by Wight Locations.
Rental Cost: means the fee payable for the Letting, as set out in the Booking Correspondence or as otherwise confirmed to the Guest in writing by Wight Locations.
Wight Locations: means Wight Locations Limited (Company No. 05449703), High Street, Seaview, Isle of Wight, PO34 5ES.

3. Contract
3.1 The Agreement is between the Owner and the Guest and the Guest acknowledges that for the purpose of the Agreement, Wight Locations acts as an Agent for and on behalf of the Owner and Wight Locations shall not be liable to the Guest in relation to any breach by the Owner relating to the Letting or these Terms.
3.2 The Agreement is binding on the Guest when Wight Locations confirms the Booking to the Guest, however until such time as the full Deposit is received by Wight Locations, Wight Locations and the Owner shall be free to terminate the Booking without penalty.
3.3 The Guest is responsible for checking all details in the Booking Correspondence and for informing Wight Locations immediately of any error or omission in it. Neither Wight Locations nor the Owner shall be liable for any error in a Booking due to the Guest not having properly checked the Booking Correspondence or for it having provided inaccurate or incomplete information.

4. Letting
4.1 The Property is let to the Guest for the sole purpose of temporary use as holiday accommodation. The Guest acknowledges that the stay granted under the Agreement is not an assured tenancy and that no statutory periodic tenancy or other right of occupation will arise upon the end of the term of the Letting.
4.2 The Guest who signs the Booking Correspondence or who otherwise confirms the Booking must be over the age of 18 years and a member of the party occupying the Property.
4.3 The Guest must not allow or permit any person to occupy the Property other than himself and the specified members of his party. The Guest must also ensure that the number of persons occupying the Property does not exceed the number specified in the Property Description.
4.4 The Guest and any visitor must adhere to the conditions of the Agreement and the Guest will be responsible for advising all visitors of these Terms and any rules and procedures contained in any information folder provided in the Property.
4.5 The Guest shall not cause, or permit any of his party or any visitor to cause, a nuisance to occupants of adjoining properties.
4.6 A breach of clause 4.3 or 4.4 will constitute a serious breach of the Agreement and the Owner will be entitled to immediately terminate the Booking and require the Guest and his party to vacate the Property without refund of any Deposit, Booking Fee or other amount paid.
4.7 No bed linen, cot linen, towels or tea towels are provided at the Property unless specified in the Property Description. Where linen and/or towels are provided or hired through Wight Locations, the Guest will be liable on demand for any loss or damage to such linen and/or towels.
4.8 The Guest must permit the Owner and Wight Locations to enter the Property at all reasonable times during the Holiday, with or without workmen and equipment, upon 24 hours notice (save in the case of emergency when no notice shall be required to be given) to inspect the Property and its contents and/or to carry out any repairs or maintenance as deemed necessary.

5. Deposit and Payment Terms
5.1 The Deposit plus a £26 booking fee is payable by the Guest to Wight Locations at the time the Booking is submitted by the Guest.
5.2 The balance of the Rental Cost, together with any extras booked by the Guest, must be paid by the Guest to Wight Locations no later than 8 weeks prior to the start date of the Letting. For Bookings made within 8 weeks of arrival, payment of the Rental Cost and any extras must be made in full at the time of Booking.
5.3 If payment of the Rental Cost or any other charge or cost by the Guest is made by credit card, a surcharge equal to the cost incurred by Wight Locations for processing the Guest’s payment via such means will also be payable by the Guest, with the exception of the payment of the Security Deposit where no surcharge will be made.
5.4 Unless otherwise stated in the Booking Correspondence, the Rental Cost includes any gas, water and electricity consumed at the Property in the ordinary course during the Letting. If internet services are provided, the Rental Cost shall be inclusive of such service unless otherwise stated in the Property Description. If excessive internet use is recorded during the Letting, an additional cost may be levied on the Guest and payable by the Guest on demand or deducted by Wight Locations from the security deposit.
5.5 Wight Locations shall be entitled to terminate a Booking without any obligation to repay any monies paid by the Guest and without prejudice to any of the Owner’s rights under these Terms if the Rental Cost is not paid in full by the due date required.
5.6 All charges are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

6. Amendments and Cancellations
6.1 Once a Booking is confirmed by Wight Locations it can only be amended if a request in writing is received by Wight Locations and expressly agreed to by written reply from Wight Locations. If agreed, an administrative charge of £40 will be payable by the Guest for every Booking change.
6.2 Wight Locations offers complimentary cancellation protection, however if the reason for cancellation of a Booking fall under an excluded category, the Guest will be liable for the entire Rental Cost and for any extras requested. Any decision is at our absolute discretion.
6.3 Protection for cancellations will not begin until payment of the Deposit is received in full.
6.4 The Guest is strongly recommended to arrange his own travel insurance to cover himself, his party and all belongings whilst on holiday and to cover any costs of cancellation.

7. Owner Right to Refuse/Alter
7.1 The Owner may, at its sole discretion, refuse any Booking without cause or penalty prior to the Deposit being paid.
7.2 The Owner may cancel or alter arrangements made for the Guest whether before or during the Letting period provided that such cancellation or alteration is due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Owner or because it has become necessary to perform or complete essential remedial, safety or refurbishment works.
7.3 If a Booking is altered or cancelled by the Owner, Wight Locations will take reasonable steps to offer a suitable alternative booking. If this is not possible, or if the Guest does not accept the alternative offered, Wight Locations shall return to the Guest the Deposit and the Rental Cost paid by the Guest and the Owner (including Wight Locations) will not otherwise be liable for any additional loss, damage, cost or expense incurred or suffered by the Guest.
7.4 Under no circumstances shall Wight Locations be liable to the Guest for any cancellation of, or amendment to a Booking other than as expressly provided for in the Agreement.

8. Ferry Bookings
8.1 If a ferry or any other travel arrangement is booked through Wight Locations, a non-refundable fee of £17.50 is payable in addition to the cost of purchasing the ferry or other travel. If a Guest travels on a different ferry to the one booked, a surcharge may be applicable.
8.2 Any amendments to ferry tickets must be made by Wight Locations and will incur a £10 admin fee.
8.3 For cancellations within 7 days of travel the full cost of the ferry will be forfeited, otherwise the cost of the ferry ticket less a £10 admin fee will be refunded.

9. Guest Obligations
9.1 During the period of the Letting and any occupation of the Property by the Guest, the Guest is responsible for:
(a) the proper care of the Property and its contents;
(b) treating the Property with respect and care and on departure, ensuring that the Property and all contents are left in a clean and tidy condition, including correct disposal of rubbish/waste, the cleaning of any barbeque used and the removal of any cigarette ends and pet waste from gardens/grounds at the Property;
(c) ensuring that all doors and windows of the Property are securely locked at all times when the Property is unoccupied;
(d) taking all necessary steps to safeguard and insure their personal property and that of any invitee. The Owner shall not be liable in any way for any damage to or loss of the Guest’s (or its invitees’) property howsoever caused;
(e) any loss, damages or breakages caused to the Property or its contents, whether by wilful default or the negligence of the Guest or a member of his party or any visitor;
(f) immediately reporting any loss, damage or breakage to the Property or its contents to Wight Locations;
(g) safe guarding the keys to the Property during the Letting and returning them to Wight Locations at the conclusion of the Letting. Any failure to return all keys will incur a key replacement charge of £50 and any damage to the keys or any key fob will incur a damage charge of £25. Should the Guest lock themselves out of the Property during the Letting, a call out charge of £35 will be incurred in addition to any key replacement or damage charge that will also be payable by the guest; and
(h) ensuring that vehicles parked by him or any member of his party or any visitor at or near the Property do not cause an obstruction or a danger to any third party. All vehicles are parked at the Property are done so at 'own risk'.
9.2 Smoking is not allowed inside the Property.

10. Duty of Care and Limitation of Liability
10.1 Subject to clause 10.3, neither the Owner nor Wight Locations shall be responsible for any accident, loss or damage which may be sustained by the Guest or a member of its party or any visitor to the Property, however caused. Neither the Owner nor Wight Locations will accept liability arising from the use of a swimming pool or the proximity of the Property to water.
10.2 Wight Locations, acting as Agents, are responsible to the Owner for the collection of the Rental Cost only and no claims regarding the Property will be accepted by Wight Locations.
10.3 Irrespective of any other term in these Terms, nothing shall limit any party’s liability for any matter for which it would be illegal for that party to exclude, or attempt to exclude.

11. Right to Evict
11.1 The Owner or Wight Locations may terminate the Letting on notice, and without liability to the Guest (or any member of their party) and without limitation of any right of the Owner under these Terms, if:
(a) this is deemed necessary by the Owner or Wight Locations where there is a serious breach by the Guest of the Agreement or the Guest’s or his or her party’s behaviour endangers the safety of other guests; or
(b) any complaints are made of anti-social, unacceptable behaviour or there is any unreasonable breakages or damage to or at the Property, or if the smoking restrictions are not observed,
and in such case the Guest and his party and invitees must leave the Property as demanded.

12. Arrivals and Departures
12.1 The Property shall be made available to the Guest at the Check-In Time in a clean and tidy condition and, as far as reasonably possible, with all contents in proper working order. In the event that this is not the case the Guest should immediately notify Wight Locations. Where the Guest reports any defect or failure in the Property or its contents, Wight Locations shall contact the Owner to arrange for prompt repairs where possible.
12.2 Keys will not be available before the Check-In Time unless by prior written agreement from Wight Locations.
12.3 In the event that the Guest, or any member of his party does not vacate the Property by the Check-Out Time, the Guest shall be liable for and shall indemnify the Owner and Wight Locations against the cost of any late departure which shall be the Rental Cost (calculated on a daily basis) plus any cost, loss and expense suffered or incurred by the Owner or Wight Locations due to the Property not being left in a clean, tidy and suitable condition by the Guest.
12.4 Any articles left at the Property by the Guest may be forwarded upon request subject to an administrative fee of £5 plus all applicable postage costs. Any items left at the Property and not claimed within 7 days will be disposed of by Wight Locations or the Owner.

13. Pets
13.1 Pets are not allowed at or in the Property unless expressly agreed to by Wight Locations and shown on the Booking Correspondence.
13.2 Where a Property allows pets, an additional charge (per pet per week) is payable as set out in the Property Description or in the absence, such cost shall be £25 per pet per week. A maximum of 2 pets will be permitted to stay at the Property.
13.3 All pets must be kept out of all bedrooms and off all furniture.
13.4 The Guest must ensure that all pets are properly and effectively treated for worms, fleas and other conditions which may effect the Property or its contents and the Guest shall at all times remain liable for the cost of treating any fleas or other matter from the Pet which is found at the Property following a Letting.
13.5 The Guest will be liable for all damage caused to the Property and its contents by any pet. The Guest must clean up and remove all waste and other traces of pets from the Property (including the garden) prior to departure.
13.6 The Guest acknowledges that even if a Property is advertised as 'no pets allowed', this does not necessarily mean that the Property has never been occupied by pets.
13.7 The Owners reserves the right to terminate a Booking at anytime and without liability or penalty to the Guest if the behaviour of the Guest’s pet is considered unacceptable, such decision to be made solely and exclusively by Wight Locations and /or the Owner.
13.8 At no time shall the Guest leave a pet unattended at the Property.

14. Property Details and Literature
14.1 Wight Locations takes every care to ensure the accuracy of Property descriptions. All Property and Letting information contained in any brochure supplied by Wight Locations or on any website operated by Wight Locations is given in good faith and believed to be correct at time of publishing. Wight Locations shall not be held liable in any way for any inaccuracy in information that has been supplied by the Owner or for any change made to the Property by the Owner. Where Wight Locations are advised about changes to a Property and its facilities, guests will be advised accordingly.

15. Security Deposits and Damage
15.1 Where a security deposit is due (as shown on the Property Description or set out in the Booking Correspondence) this must be paid by the Guest by credit or debit card no later than 2 weeks prior to the Letting arrival date and will be refunded back to the Guest’s card within 14 days of departure once Wight Locations has received confirmation from the Owner or its housekeeper that the Property has been left in a clean and tidy condition and without damage to it or its contents or excessive use of any utility service to the Property.
15.2 Claims for damage are not limited to the value of the stated security deposit and the Guest shall be liable for and shall indemnify the Owner in full against any damage suffered to the Property or its contents which is due to an act or omission of the Guest including but not limited to any breach of the Agreement by the Guest or its invitee or any pet.
15.3 Wight Locations will carry out a full inspection where damage has been reported. Any damage claims are notified to the Guest within 7 days or as soon as reasonably practical. Where a security deposit is not taken or is insufficient, any additional monies owing for matters that the Guest is liable for must be settled by the Guest in full and on demand. Where a Deposit is held, any monies owing will be deducted and the balance (if any) will be returned to the Guest.
15.4 Wight Locations will not mediate in any dispute between the Owner and the Guest over damage claims in excess of the Deposit. Such disputes shall be handled directly with the Owner, for whose actions Wight Locations is not responsible for.

16. Complaints Procedure
16.1 All reasonable complaints regarding the Property, its contents or the service received must be notified to Wight Locations immediately so that an investigation can be carried out and any necessary action taken.
16.2 In no circumstances will the Owner or Wight Locations be liable for any claim for compensation, restitution or remedy from the Guest or any third party if:
(a) the Guest did not advise Wight Locations in full of the matter that relates to the claim as soon as it arose; or
(b) the Guest denied Wight Locations or the Owner the opportunity to remedy any situation; or
(c) when a matter or complaint or claim is raised after the Letting has ended.

17. Entire Agreement and Law
17.1 The Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties as to the Booking and no other terms shall apply unless required by law or court of competent authority or expressly agreed to in writing by Wight Locations.
17.2 The Agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales and the parties agree that any dispute, matter or other issue which arises as a result of the Agreement shall be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales.
17.3 Wight Locations is the authorised Agent for the Owner with authority to enter this Agreement on behalf of the Owner.

All charges mentioned are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.