guest information

Wight Locations will put an Information Folder in each property with information/notes from us, including some recommendations of things to do & places to eat. However In each folder there is first a welcome and guidance notes regarding the property from you, as the owner.

This is the first thing your guests will read so here is our advice on what to include.

Guidelines for writing your property notes & welcome
• Try to make it as friendly & informative as possible
• Don't use a lot of negatives - 'do not...'
• Keep it succinct - guests usually don't want to read more than 1 or 2 pages

To include the following:

• a welcome from you as the owners
• how long you have owned the property
• any relevant or interesting history or stories about the house
• your names/signatures

Useful Information
• include brief instructions on appliances & heating/hot water plus where manuals for washing machines/etc are kept
• details of where to put rubbish/recycling & when it will be collected
• brief guide to how to work the tv
• any quirks to your property that they should know
• where the fuse board & stopcock are
• where the torch is kept in case of power failure
• who to contact in an emergency (yourselves/housekeeper/Wight Locations)
• numbers/address for nearest doctors surgery

Your recommendations
• where is the nearest shop or supermarket
• a few of your favourite places/beaches/restaurants on the island
you don't need to include too many, but it is always nice to have local recommendations from yourselves included

Closing remark
• a brief message to say hope they enjoy their stay
• please complete a feedback form & write in your guest book on departure
this could be included in the welcome part if preferred

Once you have given this some thought, please put the information into the template you have been sent and email it to the offices as a word (.doc) document so that we save it on our systems and put a copy in the property information folder.