Carisbrooke Castle, near Newport

Penned on the 13th December 2011

Carisbrooke Castle, near Newport

Like something out of myth and legend, Carisbrooke Castle is best known as the place where King Charles I was imprisoned. You can see the room from which he twice tried to escape, before eventually losing his head at the Tower of London.

The castle is wonderfully preserved considering it has lived through more than 800 years of service, including resisting a siege by the French and seeing off the Spanish Armada.

Families can enjoy a great value day out here where children can dress up as soldiers or follow a Donkey Quest and Carrot Trail meeting the castles famous donkeys that still work the well in the Medieval Well house.
Grown-ups can play bowls on the very green Charles used and can explore the new Edwardian style Princess Beatrice Garden. Or they can venture to the battlements and climb the keep leading to fabulous views across the Island from the top.

Comedian Phil Jupitus narrates a film about characters from the castles past and there are interactive displays to try out, including a crossbow to fire and costumes to try.

Carisbrooke Castle

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