Sign Checklist


  • Complete the New Property Details form
  • Sign & date the rolling Owner Letting Agreement
  • Complete the annual Availability & Pricing Agreement - block off the dates that are not available
  • Pay your annual sign up fee to Wight Locations


  • Leave clearly labelled keys in the property for back doors, patio door, window and other important internal keys
  • Provide us with 3 sets of front door keys to your property and 1 copy of any back door or other keys left at the property in case they get lost
  • Arrange to have a key safe fitted (if your property is over 1 mile away from WL offices) and advise us of the code

Statutory Requirements

  • Carry out a Fire Risk Assessment (and review this annually) using one of the online forms provided or a WL template document
  • Complete an Access Statement using one of the online forms or a WL template document
  • Assess the general risks to guests in your property, document them annually and look to reduce the risk and/or point the risk out to guests in your owner arrival notes (bossy notes we like to call them!)
  • Organise a Landlords Gas Safety check & give Wight Locations a copy of the certificate (where applicable)*
  • Ensure your property has a fire blanket, fire extinguisher and an appropriate number of smoke & carbon monoxide detectors for the size of your property
  • Organise an Portable Appliance Test (PAT) & give Wight Locations a copy of the certificate - for properties with all new appliances this is not required in the first year
  • Make sure your property has had its wiring checked in the last 5 years
  • Ensure you have a valid TV license at your property & that your tv/equipment is suitable for digital reception


  • Appoint a housekeeper to carry out changeover cleaning and generally look after your property for you - we can assist you with this if required
  • Appoint a gardener to look after the garden and maintain any outside areas - we can assist you with this if required
  • Organise weekly private rubbish collections &/or provide suitable external bins for storage and clear instructions for guests regarding collection

Finance & Insurance

  • Arrange holiday letting insurance, making sure the policy covers accidental damage and included public liability insurance (min cover £2,000,000)
  • Register your property for business rates if applicable - please speak to your accountant or the VOA for more information on how to go about this
  • If you are non-resident for UK tax, apply for exemption status from HMRC and forward a copy of your certificate to us - click here for the application form and further information
  • Speak to an accountant so they can advise you of any tax implications of holiday letting your property

Property Information

  • Write your 'useful property information' (again, Bossy Notes) that will be included in the Wight Locations Guest Folder - we will provide you with a template but this is some guidelines for what to include