Location Spotlight

Spending the day in Cowes

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Often referred to as the ‘sailing capital of the world’ because of the rich history of sailing for which this small town is famous for across the world, including being the location of the very first ‘Americas cup’ and of course the infamous Cowes week.

The Wild West Wight

Wight Locations, West Wight, Rural

The unspoilt, rural west of the Island is far less densely populated than the East of the Island and is made up of some beautiful National Trust coastline which is part of richest fossil hunting grounds in the UK and certainly home to some of the most stunning scenery the Island has to offer.

Steeped in history, it is a fascinating place to visit. Over centuries the area has inspired many famous poets, artists and scientists with is rolling downs and dramatic vistas.

Rural centre of the Isle of Wight

Wight Locations, Rural, Godshill

The Isle of Wight isn't all about the beaches, as we also have over 100 square miles of amazing rural and woodland countryside with picturesque towns and villages dotted across the landscape.

Situated in the heart of the Island is the largest of these towns, the capital town of Newport, which originally expanded out from the Quay area on the River Medina.

Compton Bay amongst UK’s top beaches

Wight Locations, Compton Bay, Sandcastle

Compton Bay on the Isle of Wight has recently been listed as one of the best beaches in the UK according to the travel experts at Rough Guides.

The national trust beach is a favourite for surfers, paragliders and families and is also known as a great place for fossil hunting. Compton offers a two-mile stretch of contrasting golden and dark sands, with rolling seas, tumbling multi-coloured sandstone cliffs, and the white chalk cliffs at Freshwater in the distance.

Spotlight on Godshill

Wight Locations, Godshill, Tea Gardens

Godshill is the quintessential Old English Village located between the heart of the Island and the southern towns of Shanklin and Ventnor. The winding main-street is lined with traditional tearooms and an interesting range of shops offering local crafts and produce, such as ciders, pickles, mustards and biscuits.

Victorian Escape - Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Wight Locations, Ventnor Seafront, Ventnor

Ventnor lies on the South East corner of the Isle of Wight and boasts more sunny days than much of the British Isles and fewer frosts due to its’ unique micro-climate. Nestling underneath St Boniface Down, the highest point on the island, Ventnor is sheltered from the harshest elements and provides a sub-tropical climate which became famous for its’ health benefits for poorly Victorians.

Ryde, Gateway to the Isle of Wight

Wight Locations, Ryde Seafront, Ryde

Ryde is the main gateway to the Isle of Wight, at the north east end of our heart shaped Island. So with the combination of incoming visitors, day trippers and locals Ryde is the busiest town on the Island.

Seaview, a traditional sailing village

Wight Locations, Seaview

What's all the fuss about? Why do thousands of holiday makers return to a tiny little sailing village on the north east shore of our little Island generation after generation? Because really, nothing has changed. It's a traditional sailing village that time forgot...

Seaview originally was just a few fishermen’s huts and the Salterns buildings used to house salt pan workers. (A shallow depression in which water accumulates, evaporates and deposits salt). Rope Walk is so called because long sections of rope for sailors rigging were laid out there.

St Helen's - The Village on the Green, Isle of Wight

Wight Locations, St Helens Green, St Helens

St Helens is a small village nestled in between Seaview and Bembridge on the North East Coast of the Isle of Wight where the large village green provides the focus of village life.

Football and cricket matches are a regular spectacle on the green and there is a children’s play area in a different part of the green where little ones can expend some of their boundless energy safely. There is even a big car boot sale early every Sunday for avid bargain hunters.

Gurnard near Cowes

Wight Locations, Gurnard, Sunset

Another Isle of Wight holiday location, which is oft seen as a hidden gem, is Gurnard which is a short distance from Cowes on the North of the Isle of Wight.
Gurnard Bay and beach which offers a traditional promenade with privately owned wooden beach huts and a large grassy area to sit or play. There is also a fenced children's play ground with climbing poles, ropes and a beach offering a mixture of sand and shingle with rocks at low tide.