Hidden Gems

Walking with Dinosaurs...

Wight Locations, Walking with Dinosaurs

Ever wanted to...

  • Walk with a Polacanthus
  • Run with a Valdosaurus or
  • Fly with a Caulkicephalus?

When you visit the island on holiday, you can tread in the footsteps of these prehistoric creatures in the very place they were discovered 130 million years ago.  And, at the same time, you can find out more about their relatives, the dinosaur characters from the movie…Parksosaurus (the star!), Ankylosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Troodon…

The dinosaur hotspots!

Quarr Abbey - A working monastery

Quarr Abbey, Binstead, Wight Locations

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Isle of Wight is the amount of hidden historical features, that are only just off the beaten track, but missed by so many visitors to the Island.

On one of the busiest routes on the Island, between Newport and Ryde, just past the Fishbourne ferry, you’ll find a subtlety signposted turning into a leafy avenue which leads to one of the Islands Hidden Gems.

The Seaview Bistro & Bar

Seaview Bistro, Wight Locations

Regular visitors to Seaview will have no doubt have already noticed that the new / old restaurant next to our office, formally known as Ruby’s has now become the Seaview Bistro & Bar and is under new management

The Bistro and Bar will continue to offer a range of live music with an atmospheric dining experience.

The new menu consists of a mixture of French and English cuisine mixed with some innovative dishes from around the world.

The Beach Hut Cafe, Bembridge

Wight Locations, The Beach Hut Cafe, Bembridge

Tucked away on a beach in Bembridge is a real hidden gem of a café, which constantly gets rave reviews from visitors to the island and locals. The Café sits down on Forelands beach with views of Culver down, Whitecliff bay and the eastern coastline of the Isle of Wight.

Isle of Wight Film Festival, Ventnor

Wight Locations, Film Festival, Cinema by the Sea

The 2015 Isle of Wight Film Festival returns to the Seaside town of Ventnor and takes place August 11-15.

Walk the Fort, St Helens & Bembridge

Wight Locations, St Helens Fort, Walk the Fort

Once a year, on a summer day during a spring tide, a whisper will travel around the villages of Bembridge, St Helens and Seaview, that the Fort Walk is on!

Signal Point Cottage, Ventnor Botanic Gardens

Wight Locations, Signal Point Cottage, Ventnor Botanic

For an unrivalled location in the historical and beautiful Ventnor Botanic Gardens, sits Signal Point Cottage. Nestled on the banks of the Arid Garden, Signal Point's elevated position offers fantastic views across Ventnor Botanic Garden and the sea beyond.


Captain Stan’s Bembridge Fish

Wight Locations, Captain Stan's, Twitter, Bembridge

Captain Stan’s brave crew from Bembridge Fish are out on the water daily in the waters around the Isle of Wight, searching for wild fish such as Bass, Plaice, Dover Sole, Skate as well as for Lobster and Crab...

Goodleaf Tree Climbing

Wight Locations, Goodleaf, Appley

Appley Beach and Park are one of the most popular recreational area’s for tourists and locals in the Ryde and Seaview area. A fantastic addition to this area is the award winning Goodleaf Tree Climbing company.

They teach and promote the wonderful eco-friendly activity of recreational tree climbing in an adventurous and safe way in Appley park, just off the beach.

Spotlight on Godshill

Wight Locations, Godshill, Tea Gardens

Godshill is the quintessential Old English Village located between the heart of the Island and the southern towns of Shanklin and Ventnor. The winding main-street is lined with traditional tearooms and an interesting range of shops offering local crafts and produce, such as ciders, pickles, mustards and biscuits.